Healthy Living Tips From Let’s Move

Let’s sends monthly tips for fitness and health:


When adults participate in and enjoy physical activity, kids see that being active isn’t something you just have to do – it’s fun! Try having fun and being active by making it a family adventure. Go for a bike ride, hike at a nearby park, or let your kids make up their own game to play in your backyard.


Now is the perfect time to go apple picking! Look for an orchard near you or take your kids to your local farmers market to taste test some apples. There are so many different types and varieties of apples, your kids are bound to like at least one (and probably several).


Feeding your family nutritious meals under a tight budget doesn’t have to be a struggle. Take a look at these 10 tips to help stretch your food dollars and make providing healthy meals for your family easier.

Staying Healthy During the Holidays

 During the holidays it is easy to make excuses for giving up on your exercise routine. This is the time of year we need to keep our bodies moving more than ever. Former Olympian  Jeff Galloway offers some tips to help you stay focused on your fitness goals:
* Make a pact with your exercise buddies:  no bailing on your regular runs/walks?
* Make a similar deal with your coworkers:  minimize the goodies at the office.  So that you don’t feel deprived, can you limit yourself to one or two a week?
* Eat before you go to holiday parties and socialize in a different part of the room from the refreshments.
* Get your calendar out and commit to some dates for certain fitness events or weight check-ins.
* Check out an online food journal.  Choices and portions may be more impactful in black and white. is great, free online journal.

If you get too cold walking and running outside, this may be a great time to check out different gyms in the area for inside classes. Many yoga studios offer first timers a free or reduced class and some gyms offer free one week memberships so you can try them out. You can stop by the library and check out a fitness DVD and exercise in the comfort of your own home. Or you can put on some music and dance around the house! The main thing is to keep moving and have a safe and healthy holiday season.