Free during the day? Join us for Watercolor and Tea in the afternoon

ImageImagine, sipping tea, listening to music, and painting together in a creative studio and/or al fresco¬†setting. This week, instruction begins for adults interested in learning watercolor painting. Week one we meet at the Rec Center and every week thereafter we walk around town and paint in beautiful garden settings like behind Raging Taco, at Cafe Alsace, or on the patio or terrace at various Decatur restaurants and cafes. Small class size enables us to choose where to go as a group each week. And we’ll brew interesting teas in-house as well as seek them out around town. Come spend a lovely afternoon with us this week from 230p-400p and bring a mug for tea, paper, 3 brushes, and paints. Pack them up in a satchel or shopping bag as practice for painting on the go. Sylvia will supply subject matter, and instructions as well as techniques to master. See you Thursday!