Rainy Day Fun at Home

4c82f2ca051c152fe146755e4704710e_rainy-day-monday-kel-mel-blog-clip-art-library_600-345The rain today reminds me of a skit Lily Tomlin did back in the day. It was raining out, so her character said she put the children in the car and said “Let’s play car wash!” While I am not recommending that (although it could be fun for about 5 minutes!), I found some other ideas on what to do on a rainy day.

RealSimple.com has 14 ideas of what to do on a rainy day. I like the Family Recipe Book. You could think up recipes to make with whatever you have in the pantry. Or write down your favorite family dinner recipes.

You may want to organize your own Film Festival or map out a city on paper. Try mapping Decatur and add the places your family likes to go. You can use this map to get  started.

There are also 50 more ideas on MyKidsTime.com.

Have fun and stay safe!


Family Activity: Plan a Trip for the Future

plan-your-trip-now-round-line-concept-vector-summer-vacation-planning-map-place-pointer-route-beach-icons-palm-90021785Looking to take a trip in the future when all of this is over? Start doing your research now and have something fun to look forward to.

Start by selecting a place you want to go and gather all the information you can. Have members of the family find places they want to visit in your selected destination. Let the children make a schedule, find the prices of things they want to see, and create a budget.

Good for learning to read maps, honing up the research and math skills, and it’s fun! You could even have the family draw pictures of what they would like to explore.

My Travel Obsession and Pack More Into Life have some tips for trip planning.