Doc Broc Joins the Fun

Jeff Galloway, Patti Garrett, Mayor Bill Floyd and Doc Broc!

Last  night’s Team Decatur and KP Get Active! Atlanta Kickoff was a lot of fun, and I was especially happy that Doc Broc made an appearance! Doc Broc is Kaiser’s mascot that encourages us to eat healthy; seeing his big grin just makes me want to smile.

Last year we had 140 people sign up for Team Decatur and as of today, we have passed that number. So come on, join the fun, get fit, and help us reach our goal of 250 members. For information on Team Decatur, the KP Corporate Run/Walk, and how to register, click here.

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  1. How do i get Doc Broc to come to my Health Fair?

  2. How do I contact Doc Broc

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