Volunteer for the Oakhurst Hydration Station at the Publix Marathon!

The Publix GA Marathon is coming through Decatur on Sunday, March 18 and there is an opportunity for YOU to participate! We have two hydration stations located in Decatur and are looking for more volunteers for the Oakhurst station located at College Avenue and Mead Road. Volunteers will hand out water, drinks and snacks to the runners and in return receive lots of smiles and thanks; and a Marathon Volunteer T-shirt!

To register to volunteer, click here.    Once on the group page, select Decatur/Oakhurst from the drop down menu. The password is do11 (case sensitive, use lower case). You will receive a confirmation email indicating you have signed up with your group. Your group leader will contact you before the event with information and instructions.

If you have questions regarding the Decatur/Oakhurst Hydration Station Volunteer Group, please contact the group leader, Laura Moore at lmoore@willettengineering.com. If you have problems with registration, contact the volunteer coordinator Jayne Nickel at jnickell@usroadsports.com or 404-892-8383.

Thank you for being a Decatur Ambassador and welcoming runners as they pass through our great city. I promise you will have lots of fun!

Hydration Station Volunteers

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