Arrive Early and Chat with Olympian Jeff Galloway

The Team Decatur Get Active! Kickoff is tomorrow night, Tuesday, July 24 from 6-8pm in Harmony Park in Oakhurst!
The event begins at 6pm, but come early and have an opportunity to meet former Olympian Jeff Galloway. Jeff will be on hand from 5-6pm to meet attendees, sign autographs and give advice on running and staying active.

Don’t miss it!

During the event you will have opportunities to participate in Jazzercise, African Dancing and more!

For more information on Team Decatur and the Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run/Walk 5k click here.

Harmony Park is located at the corner of East Lake Drive And Oakview Road in Oakhurst. Click here for a map.

2 Responses to Arrive Early and Chat with Olympian Jeff Galloway

  1. Bob Leitch says:


    I have walked the city a fair amount and one issue that needs to be addressed is the number of bushes and trees that partially obstruct our sidewalks. The easiest example may be the Chick -fil-A store across from city hall. The Maple trees are beautiful, but many of the branches obstruct an average sized person from using the whole sidewalk. Both for Active Living and for all of the school children we want using sidewalks and not the street (school starts next month, I think) I suggest that the there be an educational and/or public relations campaign to encourage property owners to trim their trees, hedges and shrubs back from sidewalks (There is probably a city ordinance that applies, as well.)

    In addition, where appropriate the city should undertake to do the same. For example the small trees on Trinity between the Chick-fil-A and the Dairy Queen also block the sidewalk.

    I suggest a standard or guideline be that the overhead clearance be enough for a 6 foot person to walk holding an umbrella and for enough side clearance that two average adults be able to walk side by side without getting wet from plant life after a rain.

    As to why this related to Decatur Active living, I think more people would walk, job and run on the sidewalks (where I assume we want them) if the sidewalks were unobstructed.

    Please feel free to pass this on to any others you think would be interested or you believe could help.


    Bob Leitch

  2. Cheryl Burnette says:

    Thanks for letting us know Bob. Public works is on it and trees have been trimmed. I guess all this great rain we have had inspired those trees to grow a lot this summer.

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