Volunteer at the Oakhurst Hydration Station for the Publix Marathon

thThe City of Decatur hosts TWO hydration stations for the Publix Marathon. The Oakhurst Station is still in need of a lot of volunteers. Be the first group to greet the runners as they enter our city at mile marker 11! 

This station is on College Avenue in Oakhurst – right under the overpass for the East Lake Marta station.

 The race is March 17th (Sunday), and you would be volunteering for a segment of time from about 6:30 am until 10:30 am, or any portion of that time you can commit to.  Your duties would be to prepare tables with cups of water and PowerAde and hand them out as the runners pass, to help clean up and to CHEER!!!! 

CHILDREN ARE WELCOME AND ENCOURAGED TO HELP!  Our boys have been helping since Sterling was in 1st grade and Auguste was in 3rd grade, and the runners love to see the children cheering them on.

 Please help if you can!  The instructions for registering as a volunteer are as follows, but remember you gotta go on-line to register, since we are supposed to have a certain number of volunteers or the organizers start to panic.  Also, this ensures you get a free t-shirt!

Access the Group Volunteer Registration page directly from the following link:


Once on the group page, select Decatur/Oakhurst from the drop down menu. The password is do11 (case sensitive; use lower case).  This is Hydration Station #7 at College and Mead.   Complete the online registration form.  You will receive a confirmation email indicating you have signed up with your group.  Your group leader will contact you before the event with information and instruction.

Thanks for considering volunteering!!


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