President Obama Visits Decatur Recreation Center

President Barack Obama comes to Decatur to discuss his Pre- K initiative at the College Heights Early Childhood Center and Decatur Recreation Center hosted a afternoon session with the President.  What a historical moment for the City of Decatur and the Decatur Recreation Center.  The Active Living staff and Public Works staff had been busy preparing for the president and the energy at Decatur Recreation Center on Thursday was amazing.  To the White House staff we thank you for the opportunity to host such a historical event and to our wonderful City Manager, Peggy Merriss thank you.  Kecia Cunningham, City Commissioner, Peggy Merriss, City Manager and Gregory White, Active Living Director had the special moment of meeting the President and taking a picture.  Decatur is a special place and Decatur’s light shined on Valentine’s Day.  Pictures from Obama’s visit at Decatur Recreation Center:


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