What’s Chi Walking? Come find out Wed @11am

Walk With A Doc

Walk With A Doc

This week for Walk With a Doc, join Sandy Bramlett as she leads us on a 3-mile neighborhood walk and discussed classes she teaches like NIA Dance, Ageless Grace, and Chi Walking! Bring water and a sun visor if you like and meet us out front at 11am. Our weekly walks are free and enjoyed by a dozen or so residents with room for many more.

Each week we have a different guest lead our walk, chat with us about their specialty, and lead us in cool down stretches post walk. We also have public safety volunteers guiding us and keeping us focused and safe at crosswalks, intersections, and occasionally through construction or obstacles.

You can earn a shirt, pedometer, or an umbrella by walking with us; either of which you might find adds an incentive to walking. And walking with a group offers great new conversations and the exercise just flies by. Many are joining us to take a mid-morning break from editing articles, caring for family, or just newly retired baby boomers who are looking to stay active. Either way, we’d love for you to join us.

Reminder that all our walks follow the city walking tours and friends of cemetery tours, take a look at the brochures page 2 and page 6 for the routes.


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