Making Your Own Medicine: Tinctures, Teas, Tummy remedies, Taming the cough.

Herbal-TincturesJoin the Wylde Center foodie/chef team in a beautiful kitchen.  This class will focus on creating medicine for Winter and Spring transition to combat flu, cold, & cough season. Learn to make tinctures, flue remedies, cough syrup, ear infection treatment and other helpful healing recipes. Please bring 2-3 small glass containers in which to carry home the medicine you make. 5 person minimum per class and advance registration is required.
Update: We need one more person to make the minimum but there are 6 spots total left in this class tomorrow.
Simply Delicious – Making Your Own medicine: Tinctures, Teas, Tummy remedies, Taming the cough.
Tuesday, December 17, 7-9pm
$35 Garden Member, $40 Non Member
Location: Decatur Recreation Center – 231 Sycamore St, Decatur, GA.  

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