Ballet Inspired Fitness is a Workout


We hope you’ll try our new beginner-level Ballet Fit course  for a ballet-inspired workout using the principals of classical dance to tone and sculpt the body. No dance experience is necessary and all level of fitness are welcome.

Expect a fitness workout that pulls from pilates, yoga, isometric exercises, and yes ballet. But know that we are not dancing, this is a fitness class that honors input from many of these forms, combined into one workout.

This 4-week course will be the first offering in the Decatur area and we plan to continue if the community is interested. Choose between either the day or evening class. And even if you cant sign up this time, let us know by email below if you like the idea of the class and a day/time that works for you. Instructor: Jerilynn Bedingfield.

Currently scheduled for Tu/Th at 930am and Wed at 630pm. $40 for a 4-week session.

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2 Responses to Ballet Inspired Fitness is a Workout

  1. Jill Fossett says:

    How do I find out what day and time classes are held and how do I sign up?

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