Cheer for the Runners at the Marathon! Free Donuts!!

Cheer for the Runners at the Marathon Sunday, March 23

 From Katie Abel, Special Events Coordinator:

Dear neighbors and friends- The Publix Georgia Marathon is this Sunday!  Runners enter the City limits around 8:30am and run through for about 2 hours.   We want all of the thousands and thousands of runners to know what great Spirit Decatur has-which means we need lots of cheering sections. If you and your friends/neighbors want to plan to come out and cheer, I’ll buy you donuts  and give you fun noisemakers!  

Email Katie by 4pm on Friday to let me know that you will have a group together and I’ll make arrangements to drop off donuts and stuff to you on Sunday morning.

Email me at 

 Decatur has won the contest for having the best cheering sections for the last few years and we want to keep that streak alive!  The best places to see the runners are in front of Fellini’s, on Ponce in front of Starbucks and the Old Courthouse, on East Lake near the Marta Station-you pick your place and I’ll deliver the goods!


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