Nutrition 101 from Good Measure Meals

Lunch & Learn

Join us Friday at 1130am in the gym for our monthly Lunch & Learn session. The Good Measure Meals team will be in house to talk about the basics of Nutrition 101 as it relates to the aging population. Georgia Parks & Rec magazine (December 2013 issue) says seniors are center stage now and we are tailoring our programming to meet your needs! So, pop in this Friday or any 4th Friday and see what we have to offer. We’ll be making our own healthy trail mix. veg.cmp

Vegetable nutrition

Lunch & Learn is a free daytime series; we’ll have light refreshments and you are encouraged to bring a brown bag lunch too. We meet in the gym and all are welcome. Arbor Terrace often brings a shuttle bus over and many seniors stay after Bobbie Elzey’s popular senior aerobics to listen in.

Senior Aerobics

In fact, come early if you like and drop into the senior aerobics class too if you havent checked it out. Senior Aerobics is $2 and held 10:15-11:30am MWF.

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