Walk With a Doc, or a gardener, or a librarian, or a…you get the idea!

wwad2We walk weekly at 11am on Wednesdays

We just read the Dekalb Neighbor newspaper and saw that Decatur was recognized for its walkability! City manager Peggy Merris says, “We’ve realized now that walkability is a health issue, a quality of life issue and an important issue that we as a city will continue to support.” Read more: Neighbor Newspapers – City of Decatur recognized for walkability

So if you are ready to walk come join us; any Wednesday at 11am at the Decatur Recreation Center you can find us heading out on our weekly walk. Today we are combing red/gold routes to see the new construction in town at Ebster gym/pool, Beacon Hill, and the new Police Station. Join us. We always walk with CAPS (volunteer public safety escorts) and we use these city routes:

Decatur City Walking Routes brochure

Leaders in weeks to come are:

  • April 30 – Erin Hinek, Psychotherapist
  • May 7 – Frances Moriarty, Master Gardener at the Wylde Woods at Oakhurst
  • May 14 – open
  • May 21 – Gayle Christian, Chi Walking & local Librarian
  • May 28 – open
  • June 4, 11, 18 – open
  • June 25 – Don Batisky, MD, Director, Pediatric Hypertension Program, CHOA

If YOU want to walk with us or even lead a topic for the chat while we walk, we’d love to have you. Sign up here for one of those open dates.

Sign up to lead a walk

See you out there! Bring a sun visor and water if you like and know that we will pop by all city water fountains on our routes.

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