A Walking Book Club – a follow up to the Decatur Book Festival

walkingbookclubFirst, we were pondering how to navigate the annual Decatur Book Festival this weekend. Then we began to wonder how many books and authors might have content that embraced our philosophy of active living. And then we thought about how we could capture the book festival energy long after the authors pack up and head back to their muses to labor away on the next edition. And when we googled it, the answer appeared: A walking book club (details below and credit to Marti Keller for the idea)!

For the festival, we’ve scoured the active living book titles and talk descriptions and recommend these 3 for you this weekend: 

  1. Hiking Atlanta’s Hidden Forests: In town and Out – All within 30 miles of downtown ATL
  2. Grandma Gatewood’s Walk – She said she was going for a walk and she did
  3. Farm Fresh Georgia – Farm tours you can do by bike, hike, horse.

Now, we just skimmed the list, so I’m sure you’ll find more books on active living topics and of course just walking around the festival itself for 3 days and frequenting all the venues in this walk friendly city will be very active living. Enjoy the talks and make a plan to swing by the cooking stage to refuel in between!

But after the festival, when you’ve rested up of course and had a chance to start a few of the new books; we leave you with our newest idea: The Walking Book Club! Gather up all your finds this weekend, pick one we should all read, announce it, and lets meet for a walk in the park to discuss it. Check out the idea here in this description from London and lets meet in October (national group reading month) to give it a try. http://www.spectator.co.uk/features/8857881/walking-books/

We’ll be happy to organize it if you all like the idea. Comments welcome.

2 Responses to A Walking Book Club – a follow up to the Decatur Book Festival

  1. Cheryl Burnette says:

    What a great idea!

  2. Greg White says:

    Thanks for making the suggestion to help attendees think a different way. Great.

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