International Walk & Roll Day Another Success!!

Art Teacher Nick Madden with one of the bike racks he created for College Heights ELC.

International Walk & Roll Day was held on Wednesday, October 7th and  Decatur children and parents made it a great success!!

Some highlights:

  • 525 students at Renfroe walked and/or rode their bikes to school!
  • The Ride Share Bear walked children to Glennwood School and hung out to welcome everyone.
  • College Heights is the only preschool participating in Safe Routes Georgia! They also unveiled new bike racks this week which were created by Art Teach Nick Madden.
  • Oakhurst ES had 73% participation, Clairemont had 63% and Westchester had 61%!
  • Students at Winnona Park ES have a new “marble counter”!
  • F.AVE students were surprised by a visit from the Ride Share Bear after school and Westchester enjoyed a visit as well.
  • Saint Thomas More encourages children who live too far to walk to meet at a drop off point in Decatur to walk together.

Enjoy some photos of our highlights…..

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