Walk Anywhere (safely) Week!

October 7 is International Walk and Roll to School Day and Decatur’s Safe Routes to School program is celebrating with “Walk Anywhere Week.” 

Take a walk anywhere in the community, post your photo, and tag it #walkanywhereweek, #gasaferoutes, #decatursaferoutes, #iwalk2020

Decatur Has Record Participation for International Walk & Roll to School Day!

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The City of Decatur Schools take part in International Walk & Roll Day each year and 2016 saw the highest number of students participating since the program began. A total of 2357 children walked or biked to school on Wednesday, October 5. This number is up from the 1893 that participated in 2015. Mayor Patti Garrett also participated and walked a group of children from the Decatur Housing Authority to Glennwood School.

Westchester Elementary had the highest participation with 84% of students walking to school and will receive the City’s “Golden Shoe Award”.  According to school Principal Ms. Lofstrand, “the car pool was reduced to a trickle.”  There was at least one story of a family that had been reluctant to walk before but came out today for the first time, because the children were so enthused.

Decatur has had an active Safe Routes to School Program since 2005. The program has won the Golden Shoe Award from PEDS for Pedestrian Friendly School System and three schools have been named Metro Atlanta Partner of Year by the GA Safe Routes to School Resource Center. Initially the program was coordinated by volunteer parent committees at each school. Beginning with the 2008 -2009 school year, the Decatur Active Living Division took on the management and development of Decatur’s program.

The success of the program still depends on the fabulous parents at each school who volunteer to be School Champions along with their school committees and the Principals at each school who not only support the program but understand the value of children walking and biking to school. The city and parents also work closely with the Georgia Safe Routes to School Resource Center.

Currently the City’s program includes all 5 elementary schools, Renfroe Middle School, College Heights and Saint Thomas More Catholic School. We are very proud the great work the parents and schools do to promote walking and biking every day.

For more information on Decatur’s Safe Routes to School Program, contact Cheryl.Burnette@decaturga.com or visit www.decaturga.com/srts.


International Walk & Roll Day Another Success!!

Art Teacher Nick Madden with one of the bike racks he created for College Heights ELC.

International Walk & Roll Day was held on Wednesday, October 7th and  Decatur children and parents made it a great success!!

Some highlights:

  • 525 students at Renfroe walked and/or rode their bikes to school!
  • The Ride Share Bear walked children to Glennwood School and hung out to welcome everyone.
  • College Heights is the only preschool participating in Safe Routes Georgia! They also unveiled new bike racks this week which were created by Art Teach Nick Madden.
  • Oakhurst ES had 73% participation, Clairemont had 63% and Westchester had 61%!
  • Students at Winnona Park ES have a new “marble counter”!
  • F.AVE students were surprised by a visit from the Ride Share Bear after school and Westchester enjoyed a visit as well.
  • Saint Thomas More encourages children who live too far to walk to meet at a drop off point in Decatur to walk together.

Enjoy some photos of our highlights…..

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International Walk & Roll Day is Wednesday!

DSC_0547On Wednesday, Oct. 7, thousands of students, parents, community leaders, and state and local officials across the United States will walk and bicycle to school in celebration of Walk to School Day.

The City of Decatur has had an active Safe Routes to School program since 2005 and it continues to grow each year thanks to the great work done by our Parent School Champions.

Please be on the lookout for walkers and cyclists, as well as those entering and leaving school buses.

Westchester will celebrate the day on Friday, so be on the lookout for children carrying their yellow flags.


Anthony Foxx Supports Walking to School

In a newly released video message, U.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx shows his support for walking to school by encouraging communities nationwide to join the Walk to School Day celebration.

For more information on the City of Decatur’s Safe Routes to School Program, visit DecaturGa.com/srts.

Walk & Roll to School on October 7

Oakhurst busDecatur students and their parents will be participating in International Walk & Roll to School Day on Wednesday, October 7. Each school will organize walking school buses and encourage children to walk, bike or roll to school on this special day. Decatur has had a very successful Safe Routes to School program since 2005.

Why does Decatur  participate in Safe Routes to School?

  1. It’s fun.
  2. It’s healthy.
  3. It promotes safety.
  4. It contributes to a cleaner environment.
  5. It builds community connections.
  6. It can help reduce traffic congestion by getting cars off the road.

Consider this statement : “I would like my child to walk to school, but there is too much traffic so I drive her”.  Be a part of the solution……reduce traffic around our schools by helping your child learn how to bike and walk safely to and from school. If you live too far to walk or bike school, ride the bus. Let’s all pitch in to make our community safer for everyone to walk and bike and get out of cars!



International Walk & Roll to School Day is Wednesday

International Walk & Roll to School Day will be celebrated around the world this Wednesday, October 3rd. Decatur City Schools and St. Thomas More children will be walking, bicycling, skateboarding and scooting to school to celebrate Safe Routes to School.

From the National Safe Routes to School Center:

On Wednesday, Oct. 3, thousands of students, parents and communities representing more than 3,300 schools across the United Sates will walk and bicycle to school to celebrate International Walk to School Day. This one-day event is part of an international effort to encourage more families to get out of their cars and on to their feet to enjoy the many benefits of safely walking and bicycling to school.

 “Walk to School Day continues to inspire community-grown events that celebrate health, safety and a sense of community,” said Lauren Marchetti, director of the National Center for Safe Routes to School, which serves as the coordinating agency for the event. “Often, this one-day event becomes the catalyst to larger commitments and permanent improvements that make walking and bicycling to school safer transportation options year round.”

Be on the lookout for children and their families walking and biking and be sure to slow down, watch for pedestrians in crosswalks, and maybe walk to work or school yourself!

For more information on Decatur SRTS program, click here.