Move It Monday: Take Yourself Outside


From our friends at Move It Monday:

This Monday, it’s time to move it outside!

This Monday, get moving outdoors! Beyond the benefits of good, old fashioned physical activity, being outside ups the ante. Moving outside can combat fatigue and boost your mood. Even small bouts of physical activity can help you achieve these results.

How to get moving:

Jogs aren’t mandatory here; there are plenty of ways to enjoy the great outdoors. To reap the rewards of moving outside, try one of the following activities this Monday:

  • Ride a bikeThis activity can be as strenuous or as leisurely as you’d like! Swap your typical commute with two wheels or grab a friend after work for a ride around the block.
  • Visit the park: Get out there and relish in the beauty of your local park.
  • Go for a hike: Explore a new trail in your neighborhood or revisit an old favorite.
  • Take out a kayak: Enjoy some time out on the water by renting a kayak at a nearby facility.

If the weather’s nice this Monday, take your move it goals outdoors. Just think back to the cold, dreary days of winters past, and soak up every drop of sunshine this season has to offer!

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