Biketober Starts in Three Days!

Biketober starts on Thursday, October 1st. Get ready to ride and shine! 

What’s Biketober all about? We want more people in Atlanta to rediscover riding and how it can make them healthier and happier.

How can I take part? You can take part in three ways – with a workplace, in a social team of up to eight riders or as an individual. 

Companies will compete for total points against others of a similar size – both across Atlanta and within your industry.

Social teams of up to eight riders will compete across three leaderboards for the most riding points, encourager points and total points. You can take part with a company AND with a social team.

Want to ride solo? No problem. You can compete on individual leaderboards and will enter the general prize drawings.

How can I win? It’s all about points! Logging rides and encouraging others will earn you points and help your company and social team climb the leaderboards. 

What can I win? We have an Edison Electric bike to give away as well as tons of great gear, restaurant vouchers and more! Plus, everyone who signs up before October 1 will be entered to win a $1,000 gift card from REI!

Ride anytime, anywhere in October – all rides count!

You don’t have to commute to work to take part, all types of outdoor rides count. You can ride wherever and whenever you want. 

Grab your Biking Friends and Form a Team for the Biketober Challenge

City of Decatur BIKETOBER final

Have you formed your team yet? The City of Decatur has a team of staff and friends, so why not form a team and see if you can win some prizes? All you have to do is ride for 10 or more minutes to log your ride. The more you ride, the more chances to win.

Your rides automatically sync if you use one of the cycling aps such as ride Report or Strava. Grab your friends and create your team here.

Biketober – Take the Challenge!

The City of Decatur is participating in the annual Atlanta Bike Challenge: Biketober

Bike Ride and Info October 6th
Join us on Friday, October 6th for a “warm-up” ride and a chance to register yourself and/or a team of up to 8 riders. Join Decatur Active Living, Bicycle South and GA Commute Options for information, a chance to register, and some free goodies. Then at 6:30 pm we will take a ride to get warmed-up! There will be an option of a 2 mile or an 8 mile ride, so everyone can participate.

The City of Decatur has formed a City Employee Team, so compete against us! Learn more and register today at You may win a great prize!

For more information on bicycling in Decatur contact or visit

Want to learn more about bike safety? We have a Bicycling Smart Class on October 21 at 10 am with Nedra Deadwyler. The cost is only $10.