Decatur Bike-Pedestrian Crossing Update

photo 3As many are aware, bike and pedestrian access along the PATH trail along E. Howard has been rerouted for the last couple of months due to construction at the Trinity Triangle site.  At this time, the City of Decatur is pleased to announce that bike and pedestrian access will be restored to this corridor with a new crossing on E. Trinity Place.

Here’s how it works:  The new crossing is located between the construction site (west) and the triangle where N. Candler Street meets E. Howard (east). Look for the pedestrian crossing beacon and the street paint. Cyclists and pedestrians traveling east on the PATH  Trail or north across E. College Avenue may now cross E. Trinity Place at a new temporary crossing. Cyclists and pedestrians traveling west across E. Trinity Place may now safely make their way across E. College Avenue or west on the PATH Trail.

Be careful! The crossing is well marked, but since it is a new location a bit closer to the railroad crossing, all cyclists, pedestrians and motorists should exercise caution.

The Decatur Police Department and Public Works Department will monitor use of the crossing. Updates will be provided as the project continues. This bike and pedestrian access is considered temporary because use of the new sidewalk is subject to construction phasing at the Trinity Triangle site through 2015.

For more information contact  Design, Environment & Construction Division Director John Maximuk at 678.553.6570.

Dali Crosswalk!

On a recent trip to the High Museum, I had to do a double take on this crosswalk sign. The Dali exhibit is currently at the museum, and the character in the sign is wearing a Dali mustache!

Note: we are not encouraging folks to deface signs! We are, however, encouraging you to walk around Decatur and use the crosswalks. Drivers- please be award of pedestrians in crosswalks and remember that they have the right of way.

Stay safe and active in Decatur!