Register Your Bike Saturday at the Book Festival

Book Festival Bike Registration 090316

Bicycle Registration Today in Oakhurst!

IMG_9452The Decatur Police Department will be registering bicycles in front of Oakhurst Market (650 East Lake Drive, Decatur, GA 30030) this Friday, August 14, 2015 from 5pm-7pm.

Bicycles are a commonly stolen item and are not registered like vehicles. Bicycle registration includes providing owner contact information, having the manufacturer and serial number documented and having a numbered decal applied to and a photo taken of your bicycle.  The process takes just a few minutes.  Registering your bicycle allows officers to look up recovered bicycles and contact the owner and allows for us to quickly look up the needed information about your bicycle if it were to be stolen.  The information is kept in a secured database only accessible by police department staff.  We will also register scooters that do not meet the size requirements for state tag registration.

*There is NO CHARGE to register your bicycle or scooter.

Ride Your Bike to Team Decatur Kick-off!!

Team Decatur Kickoff Bike Registration

Bicycle Registration This Saturday Before the Concert on the Square!

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New Four-Way Stop at Trinity and Electric Avenue

Felix Floyd reminds drivers that there is a new four-way stop ahead.

Felix Floyd reminds drivers that there is a new four-way stop ahead.

Just in time for the Dedication of the Beacon Municipal Complex, the City has installed a four-way stop at the intersection of Trinity and Electric Avenue. With the increased car traffic, number of walkers and bicyclists, it will be a much safer place with the addition of the stops.

Please be cautious in the area as drivers, cyclists and pedestrians adjust to the new traffic flow.



STOP! Plese don't roll through the stop sign. This intersection will be  busy over the summer months.

STOP! Plese don’t roll through the stop sign. This intersection will be busy over the summer months.


Join Us For the Dedication of the Beacon Municipal Center

Beacon Municipal Center Dedication flyer

Vote for Jeremy – Decatur Call Center Suuperstar!

City of Decatur 911 Call Center superstar Jeremy Pickett is a finalist for the 4th Annual Smart Telecommunicator Awards (presented by Smart911).

Jeremy Pickett 2

Jeremy is the only person from Georgia to be selected as a finalist for the 2015 Smart Telecommunicator of the year – and you can help him win by voting for Jeremy at

More about Jeremy from his nominator:

Every single firefighter and police officer is relieved and excited when Jeremy is the voice we hear. He always remembers to periodically check on us, repeats traffic back to show he understood, speaks clearly and at a good rate. He gives the emergency crews the needed information before he is asked.  He uses our Smart911 system so we don’t bust doors, but find a key. He helps us to respond accordingly to autistic children. He gets us information when the patient is unconscious. In my entire career, he is the best we have ever had and over 100 emergency personnel will back this nomination.


Click HERE to vote for Jeremy now (one vote per email address). Voting closes April 3 at 5 p.m.

Thanks to our Crossing Guards!

Crossing guards 2014 3

Thanks to our wonderful Crossing Guards who were honored this morning at the Decatur Police Department. These folks are out there every morning in all kinds of weather with smiles on their faces. They greet us and our children as they help them get to school safely. They wave at drivers and passersby giving them a smile to start their day.

Have YOU thanked a Crossing Guard this week?

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FREE Self-Protection Workshop January 8

FREE “Self-Protection Workshop”



“Learn from a trained professional whose delivery style is nonstop, relevant and entertaining. He delivers the common sense approach to the unwelcome encounter! Become aware – identify the situation and plan how to remove yourself [escape] using readily available distraction tools.” – Beryl B. Farris, Immigration Attorney


The Decatur Police Department will be hosting a “Self-Protection Workshop” on

Wednesday, January 8, 2014 from 6-8pm

At The Decatur Recreation Center (231 Sycamore Street, Decatur, GA 30030)

***Teens (13-17) will be welcome to attend this workshop with a parent/guardian.


This workshop is designed to teach you how to be proactive, maintain awareness and be decisive during a violent confrontation. In the workshop, the presenter will be covering:

Behavioral Profiling – Situational Awareness – Personal Security vs. Self-Defense

Mindset – Conditions of Readiness – Warning & Danger Signs of an Attack

Simple & Effective Self-Defense Techniques – Improvised weapons


The presenter of the workshop, Steven Mosley, has over two decades of law enforcement work experience and currently works locally for the Department of Homeland Security.  Steven is also the Director of Training for the Combat Hard Training Center in Jonesboro.


“When I was looking for someone to help my wife and I with dealing with some of the challenges that come up in our work in the course of our ministry with people who are sometimes unpredictable and violent and dealing with dicey situations in general I was pretty thorough in my vetting process because I was looking for someone who would give us a better chance of living through the real situations we face.  We need something that works.  I asked SWAT officers that I know from various police departments, veteran officers, GBI officers, and state troopers.  Steven’s name kept coming up, I called him, and found both a solid teacher, mentor, and friend.  I can’t recommend him highly enough.” – Nathan Dean, Co-Pastor, Edgewood Church


The “Self-Protection Workshop” is a lecture presentation and NOT a physical self-defense class. Informational flyers on self-defense classes through the Combat Hard Training Center will be available after the workshop.


To register for the seminar, please go to  OR contact Sgt. Jennifer Ross at 678/553-6613.

Bicycle Registration and Safety Fair July 9th

Join the Decatur Police Department and Decatur Active Living for our first Bicycle Registration and Safety Fair on July 9th in the upper parking lot of Decatur High School. The event will be from 10 am until 1 pm and will feature bike  registrations, bike and helmet safety checks, and a “safety course” where children will learn about using hand signals, rules of the road and more. The event is presented free to the community. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

For more information or to volunteer, contact or call 678-553-6541.