GA Walk & Roll Day is Tomorrow, March 7


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On Wednesday, March 7, children in the City Schools of Decatur will participate in the annual Georgia Walk & Roll to School Day. In 2017, over 1500 children in Decatur participated by walking or rolling to school. Let’s beat that number in 2018!

Did you know?
Decatur has had an active Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program since 2005.

The program won the Golden Shoe Award from PEDS for Pedestrian Friendly School System.

In 2008 the Decatur Active Living Division took on the management and development of Decatur’s program.

Thanks to our wonderful parent “school champions” who keep the children motivated to walk or bike to school. Parents not only encourage children to participate in the program, but offer walking  school buses on special walk days and greet the children at the school with incentive items such as bracelets and stickers.

Be on the lookout for our walkers and rollers and drive safely!

For more information on SRTS in Decatur, click here.

GA Walk & Roll Day is Wednesday

GA_WTS_LogoBe on the look-out for children walking and bicycling to school this Wednesday, March 5 as City of Decatur Schools will be participating in GA Walk & Roll to School Day!

As you may know all of our elementary schools, as well as Renfroe Middle School and St. Thomas More Catholic School, participate in this great year round program that encourages children to walk or bike to school. On special Walk & Roll Days, over 50% of our school children participate!

Thanks go to the “School Champions”, the parents at each school who organize walking school buses and bike trains to help the children to travel safely.

For more information about the City’s Safe Routes to School Program, click here.

Volunteer to Walk Children to School! If you are interested in assisting children walking to school on Wednesday  mornings throughout the year, contact

Renfroe Has Great Turnout for GA Walk & Roll to School Day

Braving the Cold

Braving the Cold

As you may know, yesterday was the Annual GA Walk & Roll to School Day and even though the weather was FREEZING 245 students at Renfroe Middle School participated. Children were greeted at school by parents and given pencils, snack bars and a raffle ticket for a chance to win a special prize.

 We know it was freezing because the water dripping out of the water cooler formed an icicle!


Not only did a great number of students walk and/or bicycle to school, three teachers and principal Mr. Thomas rode their bikes.

Mr. Thomas, Principal of  Renfroe Middle School, rode his bicycle to school for GA Walk & Roll Day!

Mr. Thomas, Principal of Renfroe Middle School, rode his bicycle to school for GA Walk & Roll Day!

Students Receiving a Snack and Pencils

Students Receiving a Snack and Pencils