Georgia Walk & Roll Day is Wednesday

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City Schools of Decatur participate in Georgia Walk & Roll to School Day as part of the Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program.

Be on the lookout as hundreds of City Schools of Decatur students, teachers and parents participate in GA Walk & Roll to School Day on Wednesday, March 2.

Did you know………..

Decatur’s SRTS program includes all six elementary schools, St. Thomas More, Renfroe Middle School and College Heights Early Learning Center.

College Heights is the only preschool in Georgia that participates in SRTS!

In 2015, 50% of our school children walked or biked on GA Walk & Roll Day, even though the weather was quite chilly.

Safe Routes to School (SRTS) is an international movement that began in the 1970’s in Denmark and spread throughout the world, reaching the United States by the 1990s. The purpose of SRTS programs is to encourage kids to walk and bike to school and to improve safety in the vicinity of schools.

Decatur has had a SRTS program since 2005 and has had the honor of having a school awarded the GA SRTS Metro Area School of Year:  Clairemont Elementary,  Renfroe Middle School and Oakhurst Elementary.

The Active Living Division took on the management and development of Decatur’s program in 2008.

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Georgia Walk & Roll to School Day is March 4

The City of Decatur will be participating in GA Walk & Roll to School Day on Wednesday, March 4. In 2014 wehad almost 50% of our children participate in this annual event, even though it was a very cold day!

GA Walk & Roll Day is part of the state’s Safe Routes to School program and all of our elementary schools, Renfroe Middle School, St Thomas More School and College Heights all take part. Children take part in “walking school buses” and bike trains” with parents and learn how much fun it is to walk to school as well as get some exercise.

Decatur has had an active SRTS prgoram since 2005. During the 2008-2009 nschool year, the Decatur Active LIving Division took on the management and development of Decatur’s program.

Special thanks to all the wonderful Parent School Champions who make this possible by volunteering their time, energy and creativity to make this a success!


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GA Walk & Roll to School Day and Crossing Guard Appreciation Day


Oakhurst Crossing Guard at the 2102 GA Walk & Roll to School Event

Oakhurst Crossing Guard at the 2102 GA Walk & Roll to School Event

Wednesday will be a special day in Georgia.

Wednesday March 6th is Georgia Walk and Roll to School Day and Governor Deal has also proclaimed it Crossing Guard Appreciation Day.

City Schools of Decatur and Decatur Active Living coordinate to celebrate GA Walk & Roll to School Day. Children are encouraged to walk or bicycle to school and parent Champions from each school organize walking school buses and bike trains to their school. Approximately 30% of our children walk or bicycle to school on a regular basis and on special Walk & Roll Days that number increases a lot. This year, each school will count the number of children who participate on Wednesday and the school with the highest number will receive a special “Golden Shoe” from the GA Safe Routes to School Resource Center.

We encourage everyone in Decatur to show appreciation for our School Crossing Guards. The SRTS committee has a special gift for them and we encouraging children and parents to make them a card or bring them a flower, or show your appreciation in some way. Our Crossing Guards get up early in all kinds of weather to make sure that the children arrive at school safely. They wave and smile at passer-bys and help bring a little sunshine into all of our days.

Be sure to give them a wave, a smile and a big THANK YOU on Wednesday!

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