Move It Monday: Stay Hydrated

h2o flow

It’s a no-brainer that we all need plenty of water to live. But Americans on average drink less than 4 cups a day—hardly enough, according to experts. The ante is upped if you’re doing any kind of exercise. But exactly what does staying hydrated mean? And exactly how much water do you really need for your workouts? Find out on the Move It Monday blog!

Michael Harbin, Team Decatur and Staying Hydrated…

Decatur Active Living Board Member Michael Harbin is being featured in an article on the Decatur/Avondale Patch. Michael has been the driving force behind Team Decatur and we are very proud of him. Read all about his many volunteer activities here.

Thanks to all the Team Decatur folks and other members of the community that came out for the 11 Alive broadcast from the MARTA Plaza this morning. I hear there was a great crowd and lots of Team Decatur shirts.

Have a great weekend and stay hydrated. You can read some tips for staying hydrated here.