Doc Broc Joins the Fun

Jeff Galloway, Patti Garrett, Mayor Bill Floyd and Doc Broc!

Last  night’s Team Decatur and KP Get Active! Atlanta Kickoff was a lot of fun, and I was especially happy that Doc Broc made an appearance! Doc Broc is Kaiser’s mascot that encourages us to eat healthy; seeing his big grin just makes me want to smile.

Last year we had 140 people sign up for Team Decatur and as of today, we have passed that number. So come on, join the fun, get fit, and help us reach our goal of 250 members. For information on Team Decatur, the KP Corporate Run/Walk, and how to register, click here.

Win a Free Beach Retreat with Olympian Jeff Galloway!

The Team Decatur and Get Active! Atlanta Kickoff for the KP Corporate Run/Walk will be held on the Decatur Square on Thursday, July 28,6-8pm. Join Mayor Floyd, Race Director and Olympian Jeff Galloway and local singer/songwriter Morgan Rowe  for this fun event. There will be a Health and Fitness Expo featuring local businesses that will have information on getting and keeping fit, as well as drawings for prizes and information on registering for the run/walk. The event is free to the community and everyone is invited.

One lucky attendee will win a free beach retreat weekend with Olympian Jeff Galloway on the Florida panhandle, near Seaside!

Jeff Galloway Offers Advice for Exercising in the Heat

Former Olympian Jeff  Galloway offers advice for exercising in the heat in his lastest news-email. When you sign up for Team Decatur to compete in the Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run/Walk you will receive information from Jeff along with other health and fitness information.

“Do you find yourself saying “It’s too hot to exercise” a little too often? Air conditioning and a cold bowl of ice cream are calling your name. As the temperature soars, I know it’s easy to talk yourself out of exercise. But, step away from the freezer.

While you do have to make some adjustments to exercise safely, don’t let hot weather negatively affect your good habits. When your schedule allows, avoid the hottest part of the day and get your outdoor exercise during the cooler morning hours. If you know you’ll be out in the hotter afternoon or evening hours, drink water or a sports drink regularly throughout the day to stay hydrated. Fill and freeze a water bottle to take along with you for a cool refresher during your activities.

No matter how much you hydrate, when the temperature gets into the 80s, 90s or even higher, scale back on your running/walking pace or your overall exertion level to safely exercise outdoors. Experienced exercisers may even notice the effects of heat at a relatively cool 55 degrees! ”

Find recommendations for your pace based on the temperature and more tips and advice to handle summer’s sizzle with Jeff’s  Seasonal Training Tips.

Top Ten Reasons to Join Team Decatur…

Team Decatur Tent Before the Event

Top Ten Reasons to Join Team Decatur and participate in the Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run/Walk:
10.   Improve your fitness level
9.      Free “Get  Active Atlanta” eight week training program
8.      Complimentary workouts at LA Fitness
7.      Discounts and special offers from Atlanta Braves and more
6.       Make new friends 
5.       Join your new friends in the Team Decatur tent before and after the KP Run/Walk, and participate in the World’s    Largest Office Party
4.       Run or walk with Decatur employees, police and firefighters
3.       Help Team Decatur win another “Most Fit City” award
2.      Free Team Decatur t-shirt

And the #1 reason to Join Team Decatur:

It’s fun!!

For more information click here or contact Cheryl  678-553-6541

Team Decatur Rocks the KP Run/Walk!

Team Decatur Wins "Most Fit City" Award

Team Decatur was the proud recipient of the first ever “Most Fit City” Award at the KP Corporate Run/Walk held last evening in downtown Atlanta. Commissioner Patti Garrett accepted the award for the city.

We had over 134 members registered for the team and all had a great time! The fastest runner on our team was Active Living’s own Jabari Cole. Look for Team Decatur to show up at future walks and runs around Decatur.

Team Decatur

Jabari and Team Members

It’s Not Too Late to Join Team Decatur!!

Active Living's Virginia Atchison is Ready to Go In Her Team Decatur Shirt

Quick- click here and sign up to be on Team Decatur for the KP Run/Walk 5K coming up this Thursday in downtown Atlanta. You don’t have to be a runner- there will be a lot of folks who are walking.  So far Team Decatur is 131 strong- we are going to wear our special Team Decatur T-shirt and show the rest of the metro area what Decatur is all about! You too can join us and get your shirt. Registration is open until 2pm tomorrow (Wednesday, September 15) so don’t delay.

We are having our team photo made at 5:55pm before the race, and then after the race will gather in the Team Decatur tent for refreshments. There will also be fireworks and music by Rupert’s Orchestra.

Don’t be left out- join us now!

Getting Ready for the KP Run/Walk

Active Living's Virginia Atchison greets folks at the KP Kickoff on the Square in July

Team Decatur now has 129 members! Are you one of them? If  not, it is not too late to sign up to be a part of the KP Run/Walk 5K  happening this coming Thursday, September 16th in downtown Atlanta. Registration will be open until Wednesday at 2 pm. Click here to register and be sure to sign up to be on Team Decatur. You will receive a special Team Decatur T-shirt to wear during the race, as well as access to the team tent after the race.

If you have already signed up. be sure to stop by the Decatur Recreation Center to pick up your bib/race number and your t-shirt. Those who signed up after 9/8/10 will pick up their number at the Team Decatur tent. Team photos will be taken at 5:55pm, so join us and have some good, healthy fun!

Time To Take A Walk?

“”Me thinks that the moment my legs begin to move, my thoughts begin to flow”. – Henry David Thoreau

Is it time to take a walk around the block? Yes! It is not too hot for a short walk. Fill a bottle (refillable one of course) with water and set out with the goal of walking for 15 minutes. Before you know it, a half an hour will have gone by. Say hello or simply smile at anyone you pass on the way. When you return home (or to the office) your head will feel clearer and you will be more productive.

Some ideas to put some walking in your day:
**Maybe you need to pick up something from the drug store, so instead of hopping in the car, walk there. 
**Spend a part of your lunch hour walking. Keep some comfortable shoes in your desk. 
**Gather up the family for a walk after dinner. The weather is cooler and it will help your body digest food more efficiently.

Now that you have found you enjoy walking, you are are ready to sign up for Team Decatur to participate in the KP Run/Walk to be held on September 16th. We have over  120 people signed up so far, and it is not too late for you to join in the fun! Click here to register. Be sure to select Team Decatur so you will receive a special Team Decatur t-shirt to wear during the event. We will have a team photo taken before the run/walk and then gather in the  Team Decatur Tent afterwards for snacks, fireworks and music.

Let’s all take a walk togehter, Decatur!!

Training for Team Decatur

Decaturites in the process of training for Team Decatur met in front of the Decatur Recreation Center to get ready for the KP Corporate Run/Walk 5k.  Pictured above are members preparing for their Monday night training with staff from Fleet Feet Decatur and Phidippides. Other walks and runs are held throughout Decatur on different days, so be sure to check out the training schedule and join the session that fits your schedule.

To sign up for Team Decatur and to get more informatioon about the KP Corporate Run/Walk to be held on September 16th, click here.

Decatur Promotes Active, Healthful Living

Jeff Galloway and Mayor Floyd at the Kickoff Event

Thanks to The Champion Newspaper for their great article on Decatur and our initiatives to promote healthy living in the city. As you know, the kickoff for the KP Corporate Run/Walk was this past Monday night, and writer Kathy Mitchell was there to cover the event. You can read the online version here.

If you haven’t yet signed up to be a part of Team Decatur for the KP Run/Walk, you can get more information and sign up for the early bird rate of $25 until August 16th at the KP website.