There is Still Time….


There is still time to complete the Virtual Bike Month checklist and get your I Bike Decatur bandanna.

We will mail it to you as soon as we get your email. Be sure to send in your address!

We hope you have enjoyed this activity; be on the look out for our June Walk Challenge.

Decatur Active Living wants you to #stayactivedecatur!



Wearing a Bike Helmet Properly

Wearing a bike helmet improperly is the same as not wearing a bike helmet at all.


Fitting a Helmet:
•    Place it on your head without fastening the straps
•    There should be a two-fingers width between your eyebrows and helmet
•    There should be little movement when you shake your head from side to side
•    You will want to start out with the smallest size– you may have to try on different sizes and brands of helmets until you find one that fits

Adjusting Your Helmet:
•    The side straps should come to a point just below your ears forming a “Y” shape
•    When your mouth is closed, there should be about half an inch between the chin strap and your chin

Bike Month Continues!

tony leung
Cyclist Tony Leung with his bandanna

Have you completed the Virtual Bike Month Checklist? It is not too late- we know you want the cooling bandanna prize!

On the rainy days, you can watch some of the videos on the League of American Bicyclists web site and learn more about cycling.

The Atlanta Bicycle Coalition offers some free online classes.

Stay safe out there!

Safe Cyclists Follow the Traffic Laws

From the League of American Bicyclists:

In all 50 states, people on bikes are required to follow the same laws as other drivers.

Here are a few key principles that underpin all US traffic laws:

First Come, First Served
Everyone on the road is entitled to the lane width they need. This includes the space behind, to each side and the space in front. If you want to use someone else’s space you must yield to whoever is using it.

Ride on the Right
In the United States, everyone must drive on the right-hand side of the roadway.

Yielding to Crossing Traffic
When you come to an intersection, if you don’t have the right of way, you must yield.

Yielding when Changing Lanes
If you want to change lanes, you must yield to traffic that is in your new lane of travel.

Speed Positioning
The slowest vehicles on the road should be the furthest to the right. Where you position yourself on the road depends on the location of any parked cars, your speed, and your destination. Always pass on the left.

Lane Positioning
Bikes can share the same lane with other drivers. If a lane is wide enough to share with another vehicle (about 14 feet), ride three feet to the right of traffic. If the lane is not wide enough to share, “take the lane” by riding in the middle.

Intersection positioning
When there is a lane that is used for more than one direction, use the rightmost lane going in the direction you are traveling.

Follow all street signs, signals, and markings


Where Will YOU Ride Today?

IMG_2249We are enjoying riding our bikes for National Bike Month and finding new routes in Decatur. It has been so much fun riding through neighborhoods and seeing people out on their bikes. PLEASE – remember to keep physically distant and wear face masks if that is not possible.

Be sure to visit our Virtual Bike Month activities at Complete the checklist and receive a cooling bandanna with the I Bike Decatur logo. (You can use it as a mask too!) Enjoy cycling on some of routes we have enjoyed.

Some Bike Month ideas from The League of American Bicyclists:

    • Take a picture of yourself and your bike.
    • Go for a ride solo and take a picture – share it on social media and tag it #BikesUnite  (and of course, #ibikedecatur!)
    • Challenge your friends to a photo contest – who can take the best photo of their bike leaning next to a tree?
    • Take a selfie in front of your favorite small businesses to show support.
    • Watch  and share the League’s videos about how to gain confidence in your riding skills.

It’s Bike Anywhere Day!

wherewill you bike

Today would normally be Bike to School Day, however these are not normal times, so Bike Anywhere today!

Before you hop on your bike, remember to do an ABC  bike check.

Need a new route? Try one of our routes at

Share your photos and tag them with #ibikedecatur and #stayactivedecatur.

Please remember to practice social distancing on your rides, and stay clear of pedestrians!


May is (still) Bike Month!


Join us in celebrating National Bike Month. We wish we could get together for some rides, or other activities. Since that is not possible this year, we are  inviting you to participate in Virtual Bike Month.

We have routes, fun activities, safety information, and more. There is also a Bike Month checklist that you complete, then send in for a prize.

We love seeing so many Decaturites on their bikes during this time. Please remember to follow the rules of the road, ride safely, and share the paths with walkers.

The League of American Bicyclists has postponed Bike to Work Week until September, so we hope to plan something fun at that time.

Keep on cycling and take some photos of yourself; post with #ibikedecatur.