Programs for Active Adults This Fall

Greetings active blog readers, This is Tracie and I’ve joined the team to bring you more active programs, activities, and enrichment for adults. We are preparing our fall programs and surveying our residents to see what their interests are, so feel free to comment if you see something you like or have ideas for us!

Preview of ideas for the fall include:

  • Walk With a Doc: a weekly walk about town with an expert featuring, orthopedists, veterinarians, firefighters, EMTs, registered dieticians, ophthalmologists, master gardeners and more.
  • Simply Delicious Cooking Classes:  local chefs from our partners at the Wylde Center teach and prepare healthy meal ideas and revisit classic techniques like canning, freezing, fermented foods, and seasonal harvests. 
  • Activities for Red Hatters and Active Adults Social Club: hula hoops, Nutrition 101, healthy food demos, talks, open houses and more from our partners at Good Measure Meals, Team Decatur, Solarium, Dekalb Board of Health, American Federation of the Blind, and
  • Cycling Traffic Skills 101: designed to teach competence and confidence in city cycling (with LCIs from the League of American Bicyclists)

Daytime and evening programming for adults exists currently at the Decatur Recreation Center, so be sure to check online to see ALL that we currently offer. Examples are ballroom dancing, karate, fencing, aikido, table tennis, and zumba. And yes, this is me below, I bike to work daily and look forward to staying active with YOU!


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  1. Ryne Heene says:

    Love your suggestions for fall exercise! Staying active is a crucial ingredient for a healthy lifestyle. If you ever want to have a workout from home or to try something you should try Fitblok. My website is below so check it out and if you are interested in trying it I can provide some free classes. Thanks again for the suggestions!

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