Power Up Your Fitness this Monday with Group Activities

Planks, jumping jacks, mountain climbers – when you do them together it can be more fun, more challenging, and science says, better for you. Build a routine on Monday with some fresh ideas for group fitness.Need some ideas to get motivated?

  • Group Challenges – We’ve got five great group challenges to share. Do some jabs or high knees with your colleagues this Monday – it will bring you together and be a collective stress buster. Pow! It’s much better than an office water cooler.
  • Friends & Family – Get a friend or family member and schedule regular times to meet at the gym, work out at a nearby park, or follow along to a fitness routine in your living room. Even 30 minutes a few times a week will make a difference.
  • Take a Class – cardio, Tango, Zumba, strength training, swimming, yoga, Pilates, spin – the list of classes offered at a neighborhood gym or community center will surprise you. A good instructor will have a following and be a cheerleader, able to get everyone in the mood to stretch their limits, together.

In a study comparing results from group fitness and individual fitness, group exercise participants made greater improvements in all areas, including stress reduction.

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