Move It Monday: Free Workouts at Home


You may also just want to take walk. Come by Decatur Recreation Center and walk or run on our elevated track. It’s free too!

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Enjoy a FREE Pure Barre Class on the Square!

Pure Barre Decatur is celebrating their 1 Year Anniversary on Saturday, May 14 with a FREE community class on the Decatur Square.

The class will be from 10 – 11 a.m. followed by a “block party” until noon. Participants will enjoy retail discounts, refreshments and giveaways!

Register for the community class here.


Celebrate World Tai Chi-Qigong Day on Saturday

World Tai Chi-Qigong Flyer2016Final

Move it Monday: Fall in Love with Fitness


Falling in love with fitness means finding exercise you love and want to return to.

Any routine done mechanically day after day can dull your muscle response, making your workouts less effective. But when you put your heart and passion into something, especially movement, you always get back more energy and joy. So ditch that monotonous treadmill and try out something novel that could really pump up your fun quotient.

For 7 ideas on how to take the “ugh” out of fitness, click here.

Healthy Monday (On Tuesday!)

15 minutes a day

Walk the track at the Decatur Recreation Center.

Join us for one of our Active Living walks.

Take a bike ride.

Do some yoga.

Have FUN!!

Healthy Monday Reset: Warm Up and Cool Down

warm up cool down

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Healthy Monday Reset: Take a Commercial Break

Commercial Break

Or better yet, just turn that TV off!

Healthy Monday: Strong to the Core

strong to core

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Move It Monday: Sneak In a Workout

sneak in workout


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Move it Monday: Schedule Your Exercise

schedule your exzercise

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