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Lil Lax

Girls Lacrosse Camp, Register Now!

This is our first year offering Girls Lacrosse Camp,

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Girls Lacrosse Camp

Lil’ Lax Lacrosse, Register Now!

lil lax

Lil Lax

Lil’ Lax, Register Now!

Lil Lax

Lil Lax

Decatur Youth Lacrosse Night is March 25!

Decatur Youth Lacrosse Night (boys)

Decatur Youth Lacrosse Night is Friday, April 24!

Decatur Youth Lacrosse Night(girls)

Decatur Lacrosse Continues to Grow!


Who would have known 10 years ago (2002)  people would be so accepting of kids running around with sticks.  That would be lacrosse sticks. :-).  As the Athletic Program Supervisor for Decatur Active Living it still amazes me today, that the sport many kids in Decatur had never seen or heard of, has become on of our biggest programs that we offer. From starting with two teams in the 10-11 division (no girls team) and now having a total of 12 teams (8 boys teams and 4 girls teams)  ranging from first graders to 8th graders is just one of the stories I like to “brag” about.   The league currently uses Ebster, Renfroe and the Boys and Girls Club fields for games.  Practices fields are local fields in the City of Decatur.  League games are typically played on Saturdays and Sundays and Practices are held Monday-Thursday. Decatur is one of the only teams located within the perimeter.  Teams are often finding themselves traveling to Roswell, Forsyth, Alpharetta and Peachtree City for away games.  The fun and the excitement of the game, league and season helps to take your mind off the travel time.

Not only does Decatur Active Living offer League Lacrosse  in the Spring, but we offer a Summer Lacrosse Camp (Bulldog Lacrosse) a Fall Clinic and Lil’ Lax (for kids 3-5). 

Relaxing after a day of lacrosse

Lil' Lax Class









Pre Season Highlights: 

  • The addition of girls lacrosse for grades 1st-3rd
  • The increase of boys lacrosse from 2 teams in the 1st-3rd grade division, to 4 teams.
  • Increase in the number of participants
  • League filled two weeks before registration was scheduled to end. 
  • Former Decatur Lacrosse players (Paul Gillig, Margaret Johnson and Kirby Dubose) returning as coaches

On Sunday, January 29th Decatur Active Living offered a free Lacrosse Clinic to new and returning players.   There were over 100 kids to come out to the clinic.  The clinic was offered to both boys and girls.  Thanks to the coaches that assisted and to Decatur High School Boys Lacrosse team for their continued support of Decatur Lacrosse. 

So many little ones

Learning to do a face-off


Learning the basic techniques