Safe Routes Champions of the Year!

 Due to their outstanding energy, creativity, love, and dedication, SRTS Parent Champions Steve Campbell, Kendall  Hamilton and Michelle Stevens at Westchester Elementary, aka the Bike Dudes, are Metro Atlanta Champions of the Year!

The three school Parent Champions at Westchester Elementary (aka the Bike Dudes) are full of energy and exude that energy to increase walking participation at the school. Westchester is located along a state route that sees a lot of traffic, along which many cars are speeding. Parents in the past have been afraid to allow their children to walk or bike to school. In the past few years that they have been the school champions they have come up with a route that takes students away from the state route and goes along a path behind the school. On walk days, each child is greeted by the “team” who are dressed for the occasion. Michelle has a stuffed animal, a wolf which is the school’s mascot, attached to her helmet. The others are also decked out. Each child who walks to school receives a marble that is then put into a clear cylinder. If the number of marbles reaches a certain line, the school receives 15 minutes of extra recess on Friday.

On Ga Walk & Roll Day and International Walk to School Day the school consistently has at least 60% participation.

They dress up and do skits at the community circles held on Friday mornings to encourage the students to participate. They are there to greet the students at the door not only on the “special” days, but at each month’s walk and roll day. For the Christmas holiday walk and roll, they had Santa and Mrs. Claus visit and be part of the skit at the community circle. The children were thrilled!”

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May is National Bike Month!


Join us for one or more of the fun biking activities we have planned for National Bike Month. We love to bike and want to have some fun with the community!

We will be at the Concert on the Square on May 11 and the Blue Sky Concert on May 15 giving out bicycle safety information as well as our new 3 foot law bumper stickers. Look for the orange Active Living tent and come by to say hello!

For more details on rides in May and biking in Decatur visit

Women’s Only Basketball League Registration is Open!

ladies bb

Registration is now OPEN for Decatur Active Living’s Women’s Only Basketball league! It’s time to get out that pair of shoes that you haven’t worn since the final game last summer and start getting it together. We’re going to keep the same format as far as registration goes but with a couple of changes. If you do not have a team and want to be placed on one, just pay the free agent fee. For those of you that already have at least 7 players, you will need to pay the team fee.

  1. You can call the main recreation center line Monday-Wednesday at 404-377-0494 or pay in person at 231 Sycamore St.
  2. Any registrations Thursday-Saturday contact Stacy Green directly 404-377-6549.

The league information meeting is on May 28th at 7:00 pm at the Decatur Recreation Center. Games will begin June 11th!

For more information contact or

Move It Monday: Walk to the Park for Earth Day

move it monday

From our friends at #moveitmonday:

Exercise in the Park for Mental and Physical Well Being

Being outside can greatly contribute to your health and well being. On Monday, try visiting a park for a fresh perspective on your workout.

According to studies, parks are a beneficial resource: they promote physical activity, improve mental health, and even have the potential to reduce health care costs. Being outside also means your vitamin D levels will increase – you might feel happier, and your concentration levels may improve.

Walking is Real Exercise

Benefits: Walking regulates blood sugar, improves digestion, lowers blood pressure, and puts you in a great mood for the rest of the day.

Why not try a MondayMile? Do a one-mile group walk, jog, or run with family, friends, or colleagues. Plan to meet at a park close by in the morning or on your lunch hour. It could be the best pick-me-up you’ll have all day.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) at the Park

Benefits: HIIT burns a lot of calories in a short period of time.

Here’s a series of HIIT exercises designed specifically for the park. Using swings, park benches, and fences you’ll be surprised what a little creativity can do for your park workout. Do some squats, lunges, and, if you can find some stairs, climb them!

Family Fitness

Benefits: Families exercising together may see their social and emotional skills improve.

This Monday, try an outdoor jog with the stroller, go for a family bike ride, or practice for an upcoming fun run or group event. The possibilities are kind of endless!

We’re here to help you explore and find new ways to be inspired by your world. And it’s the perfect time of year to exercise in the park!

Third Friday Ride Cancelled


Due to the chance of getting caught in a downpour, we are cancelling the April Third Friday Bike Ride.

Hope to see everyone in May!

Badminton Play in Decatur!

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Park Rx Day is April 28

park Rx decatur flyer

April Bike Rides at Decatur Active Living

ibike Spring has arrived and we are excited to have two bike rides in April!

Third Friday Bike Ride
Friday, April 19 at 6:30 pm Decatur Active Living staff will lead a 6 mile bike ride around Decatur. Meet at the Decatur Recreation Center and be ready to put wheels down at 6:30 pm. Helmets are required. Not recommended for children.

Senior Bike Ride
Friday, April 26 at 10 am staff will lead our first senior bike ride! Meet at the Decatur Recreation Center and be ready to ride at 10 am. We will ride 4 miles with a water break at Glenlake Park. Wear your helmet and bring a water bottle. The ride is free and limited to 15 so register here to reserve your spot.

For more information about biking in Decatur visit or contact

Pickleball play in Decatur!

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Active Adult Newsletter – April 2019. Celebrate Spring with Decatur Active Living.

Active Adult Newsletter April 2019