Healthy Monday: “Checkout” Your Abs


As we move about our lives we often find ourselves spending time waiting in lines. Use this downtime to do a mini ab workout to strengthen your core! Check out these simple exercises to stay active throughout the day.

Healthy Monday: Fruit Is Your Friend


Healthy Monday Reset: Take a Commercial Break

Commercial Break

Or better yet, just turn that TV off!

Healthy Monday: Clean Up the Small Stuff

Clean up small stuff

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Put Down Your Cell and Do Some Mindful Walking!



Take a walk and begin to notice the things around you. You will be surprised at all the things you discover when you put the cell down and take notice. It is also safer to walk with awareness!

Healthy Monday Reset: Walk All Week


Walk All Week


If you need some help getting started, join our Walk With a Doc group every Wednesday at 10:00 am. Meet in front of the Decatur Recreation Center and have a fun walk with lots of nice folks. For more information contact

The Pedestrain Advisory Committee leads Walk There! Decatur the Second Sunday of the month at 2 pm and the Fourth Thursday of the month at 7:30pm. For more information click here.