Healthy Monday: Is Stress Haunting You?

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Regardless of age or ability level, sometimes it’s just hard to find the energy, motivation, or confidence to get back into a workout routine. Whether you fear getting injured or are just reluctant to get back into the gym, it’s important to remember that a little anxiety about recommitting to exercise is perfectly normal.

Check out our list of common fitness fears, and start overcoming them.

Don’t Worry About the Small Stuff


This Monday, begin to take better control of your life and your happiness. Let’s look at ways to defuse nagging little worries that seem to weigh heavily on our minds. Obsessing over tiny details can flood the body with stress hormones. When taken to extreme, these stress hormones can increase your risk of heart disease and weaken your immune system. So, isn’t it time you cut your worries down to size? With some practice and persistence, you’ll soon be agonizing less and feeling much more confident.

DeStress Monday: Mindful Drawing

mindful drawing

Throughout each day, our minds are constantly racing. We’re continually thinking about what comes next, checking our things-to-do list and trying to stay ahead of schedule. Quite often, this leads to feelings of stress and tension. During these times, give yourself a much-needed break with mindful drawing. It will help wind down your frantic thoughts and restore your sense of calm and control. The goal isn’t to create wonderful art. In fact, there’s no reason to judge the art at all. Instead, it’s a process that helps you focus your thoughts to be mindfully in the moment. And it’s easy to do.

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Healthy Monday: Watch for Symptoms of Stress

healthy monday

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Healthy Monday: Clean Up the Small Stuff

Clean up small stuff

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Healthy Monday: Beat Stress With Relaxation Techniques

healthy monday headerIndigestion, changes in appetite, muscle tension, problems sleeping, a racing heart, dizziness, a clenched jaw, headaches, and aches and pains are all signs of stress.

Giving yourself time to pause and breathe deeply when you encounter these stress signals can help you discover their cause and reduce their impact in the future.

If you begin to notice any of these symptoms this week, slow down! Pause for a moment and focus on 10 deep breaths. Remember that most stress triggers are manageable and there are plenty of tools at your disposal.

Healthy Monday: Fight Stress With Exercise

healthy monday headerThe rush of anxiety and pent-up energy that can result from stress is part of your body’s natural defense mechanisms. While the desire to fight or flee is helpful in emergencies, too much of this tension can negatively impact your health. Instead of bottling it up, get it out with exercise! Releasing excess energy with physical activity is a healthy way to alleviate built-up muscle tension and other symptoms.

This week, after a long day, get active and aim for moderate intensity exercise. It may seem counter intuitive, but moving more will help you relax!

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Healthy Monday: Stress Less for a Healthy Heart

imsis148-049Chronic stress may increase your risk for heart disease. When your body is stressed, it releases the hormone adrenaline, which increases your heart, breathing, and blood pressure rates. This week, try to identify stressful activities and then reduce the frequency of these behaviors to stay heart healthy.

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Healthy Monday: Strategize to Cut Stress

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There are many ways to beat stress, but you’ll find that some work better than others.

  • Keep a positive attitude
  • Step out of the situation
  • Enjoy a laugh
  • Accept that there are things we cannot control
  • Assert your feelings instead of  becoming angry or passive.

This week, consider which tools have worked for you before and perhaps try out some new ones. Having a few “go-to” stress-reducing techniques up your sleeve can make all the difference.

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Healthy Monday: Control the Controllable


It’s important to remember that the reason you’re stressed might be out of your control.

Don’t let factors such as the weather or another person’s actions cause you to worry.

Instead, focus on the things you can control, such as your reaction to the stressor.
By sorting out what is manageable and what is not, you can work on the issues that are within your capacity and, hopefully, reduce your stress overall.

Whenever you feel stressed this week, pause and think about whether or not the issue is within your control.

Acknowledging that you’re not at fault can help you relax and plan your next step.

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