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Don’t fight the negative moments, embrace them. It may sound strange, but this exercise can actually help you get through a tough situation. Rather than ignoring your bad feelings, accept them and then move on. Allow the negativity to pass through you, then you can make room for the positive aspects in life.

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Move It Monday!


A fitness challenge might be exactly what you need to keep moving! Consider setting a fitness challenge, like increasing your walking or running speed. Having something specific to work towards can make exercise exciting again and fuel you with motivation.

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Move It Monday: New Year, Healthier You!


Any routine done day after day can dull your muscle response, making your workouts less effective. But when you put your heart and passion into something, especially movement, you always get back more energy and joy. Ditch that monotonous routine and try out something new that could really pump up your fun quotient! Cheers to a happier, healthier you!

Move It Monday!


Walking is so simple that most people don’t even view it as real exercise, but it certainly is. While strength training and high intensity exercise burns lots of calories and gets the heart pumping, going for a brisk walk can be a very effective way to get in shape. It’s low impact and you can do it virtually anywhere for free!

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Meet New Friends and Be Happy!


Healthy Monday: Take a Long Walk

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Healthy Monday Reset: Warm Up and Cool Down

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Healthy Monday: Watch for Symptoms of Stress

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Healthy Monday: Fight the Negativity

Healthy Monday

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Healthy Monday: Walk Tall

Walk Tall


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