Healthy Monday: Join a Support Group

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Healthy Monday: Go Meatless This Monday

meatless monday

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Healthy Monday Reset

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Move It Monday: Start Exercising Monday to Sleep Better All Week

move it monday

Healthy Monday: No Gym, No Problem

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Get Healthy Without the Gym

You don’t need an expensive gym membership or fancy equipment to get active. Exercise is any
movement that works your muscles and uses more energy than resting. Try walking around your
neighborhood, playing tag with the kids, using resistance bands, running up and down the stairs,
making your own weights at home or doing push ups and sit ups.

Come up with some creative, free fitness ideas this week. Remember that playing sports, swimming, biking and other fun activities all count as exercise!

You may even want to drop by Glenlake Park and try out the Adult Exercise Equipment adjacent to the playground. You get to play while your children climb and play nearby.

Healthy Monday: Exercise Can Provide Energy

healthy monday headerEver feel “too tired to exercise” in the morning or after work? It’s more likely that you’re emotionally tired and unmotivated. Look past this initial reaction and follow through with your fitness plans; your body will appreciate the short-term energy boost and stamina that comes with physical activity!

Challenge yourself to fight fatigue and stick to your exercise routine this week. Note how refreshed and energetic you feel after your workout.

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Healthy Monday: Stay on Track While Eating Out

healthy monday headerDon’t let your good habits disappear when eating out! There are plenty of healthful options available in restaurants like grilled entrees (instead of fried), simple salads with dressing on the side, and extras like broth-based soups and steamed veggies. Don’t be afraid to order exactly what you need to stay healthy, or take part of your food to go!

Look at your schedule this Monday and see if you’re eating out this week. Take some time to research the restaurant’s menu online, or to look up some healthy options in that culinary tradition.

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Healthy Monday: Fight Stress With Exercise

healthy monday headerThe rush of anxiety and pent-up energy that can result from stress is part of your body’s natural defense mechanisms. While the desire to fight or flee is helpful in emergencies, too much of this tension can negatively impact your health. Instead of bottling it up, get it out with exercise! Releasing excess energy with physical activity is a healthy way to alleviate built-up muscle tension and other symptoms.

This week, after a long day, get active and aim for moderate intensity exercise. It may seem counter intuitive, but moving more will help you relax!

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Healthy Monday: Put A Healthy Twist on Your Favorite Food

healthy monday headerYou shouldn’t have to deprive yourself of comfort foods to stay healthy! In moderation, healthier versions of your favorites can be part of a healthy lifestyle. It can be as easy as changing an ingredient or using a different cooking method. This week, swap out for a healthier alternative in your favorite comfort dish. Try using applesauce instead of oil next time you bake for example.

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Healthy Monday: Pick Proper Portions

portionDistortionChartRestaurants want to give you more for your money, but the portions they serve are often much more than anyone should eat in one sitting!

You can cut calories before they arrive at the table by:

  • foregoing the bread basket
  • asking for a child’s size or half order
  • or by making your own meal out of side salads, soups, steamed veggies and appetizers.

If you do get a full-size entree, listen to your body’s natural cues and stop eating when you’re full.

Take steps to reduce your restaurant portions this week. It’s important not to overindulge simply because you’re eating out: enjoy the portions and meal choices that you would normally eat at home.

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