Expo January 11 – Come Sample all the NEW Classes

decatur-active-living-expo-flyerWondering what’s NEW at the recreation center? Or didn’t realize there was anything new, well it’s true and we’ve got plenty of news to share. Here’s a sneak preview of the year ahead and save the date for the Expo on January 11 from 10am to noon. A new building, new classes, new year, and a new you! Save the date now for a fun-filled, active, expo and the chance to sample all the new fun activities and classes and meet and chat with the instructors. Meanwhile there is still no membership fee, just come and pay for the class you want to take. It’s that simple.

Come meet the instructors and sample ALL our NEW classes proposed this winter. From 10am to noon we will feature short 10-minute demos of new classes where you can try them out and talk to the instructors. We’ll have free drawings (see BINGO card) and booths to feature our new enrichment and artistic offerings as well. Stop by while the youth are playing basketball, before lunch, after Run With the Dogs 5k, or during your Saturday shopping.

Stay tuned for the 2014 playbook to plan your strategy for staying fit, featuring new and regular classes.

  • Ageless Grace
  • Ballet Fit
  • Craft series – Jewelry making and Needle work
  • Eat Well Indie*catur
  • Gymnastics
  • Hula Hoops for fitness
  • Internet for Seniors (learn basics and maybe fun tips like how to make emoticons)
  • Lunch & Learn series
  • Musikgarten
  • Nia Dance
  • Playout Family Fitness
  • Turn on your Sparkling Health
  • Walk With a Doc
  • Watercolor & Tea
  • Yoga (mat & chair)

Fitness Fails, Exercise Anywhere and More

2014Even if you do not make resolutions, you may be working on living a healthier and happier year in 2014. Here are some articles we found to get you thinking:

Read this interesting article on the Today.com and thought it was worthy of sharing. There have been a lot of new exercise “fads” so it is wise to select carefully. Sometimes the tried and true does work best.  Click here to read the article Fitness Fails: Exercises to Stop Doing in 2014.

If you are traveling, click here for information that helps you Exercise Anywhere, Anytime, No Equipment Needed.

You may want to read this article before you pick up that soda and hamburger. It may be okay to indulge every now and then, but regular indulgences may lead to obesity and poor health.untitled

Scientists have found that social norms influence food choices. This, in turn, can influence whether or not a person tends toward obesity or not. Who knew? Read about it here.

Photo from Yogajournal.com

Photo from Yogajournal.com

Love practicing yoga? Here is even more proof that it is good for you, both body and mind.

Take a Break With Lunchtime Yoga

CORE Studio on the Old Courthouse Square will begin offering lunchtime yoga on Thursday, February 2nd. The class runs from noon until 12:45 and the drop-in cost is $5. Rose Caudle, the instructor, has a dance background and teaches yoga to the CORE Performance Company as well. The class is “all levels” and you will  leave feeling refreshed and energized for the rest of the day.

For more information, contact Rose at rosec@coredance.org.