Move It Monday: Stretch Away Stress

From our friends at the MondayCampaigns:

Adaptable to all fitness levels, anyone can do yoga. In a typical workday, it’s normal for tension to build up in your shoulders, neck, and back. Doing a few simple yoga moves can help relieve built-up tension. Chair yoga can reduce the strain and stress on your joints, can be done in the office or at home, and is highly adjustable for all the poses.

Here are a few chair yoga poses to get you started.

Move It Monday: Stretch Away Stress

From our friends at  #MoveItMonday?

Yoga is relaxing. Plus, it helps stave off stress and anxiety, builds strength, improves cardiovascular health, and curbs low-back pain. Start your week moving with some yoga on Monday.

Click here for a few poses to get you started.

Move It Monday: Stretching is Crucial

From the folks at Move It Monday:

Stretching before and after exercise is crucial. Stretching helps increase the range of motion around a joint and also loosens up the stiffness in muscles. When you warm your muscles up before exercise, the better able they are to deal with stressful movement. Stretching is also a great way to cool down your muscles afterwards. Visit our blog for three easy stretches to work into your day.



Give “Flex Time” A New Meaning

office%20stretchA little office stretching can ease common stiffness and even boost your energy. The next time you’re feeling some aches, try this one out: Stand with your back straight and feet shoulder-width apart. Hold arms above head, and hold one hand with the other. Pull upward while leaning straight over toward your right side. Keep your lower body straight. You should feel the stretch along your left side. Hold 15 to 30 seconds, then switch sides. Repeat two to four times for each side.

Stretches for Relieving Calf Tightness

If January has gotten you fired up about fitness and you have been walking more, you may experience some calf tightness. With each step, your calf muscle contracts as the ball of your foot pushes off. Lengthen the muscle in the back of your lower legs, relieve calf tightness, and retain ankle flexilbilty with the following stretches.

Calf Stretch #1

  • Stand with your feet hip-width apart.
  • Take a generous step back. Push the heel of your back leg into the ground as you straighten your leg and lengthen your torso. Tighten abdominal muslces to support your lower back. Place hands on a wall. tree or mid-thigh for support. Avoid putting any pressure on your knee joint.
  • Inhale. As you exhale, try to stretch more by sliding the heel of your back leg further away.
  • Inhale deeply and exhale completely as you hold the stretch for 15 to 30 seconds

Calf Stretch #2

  • Slide your back foot forward until your hip and torso are upright. Keep your back foot flat on the ground as you bend your knees and lower your hips downward.
  • Repeat with your other leg.

Stretches from The Walking Deck by Shirley Archer.