Clear Your Head with Meditation


From our friends at The Monday Campaigns:

This Monday, take a moment to destress with a one-minute meditation. Just one minute can help you calm your mind and clear your head!

Try one of our downloadable meditations today and start feeling more relaxed.

Destress Monday: Find Your Happy Place

meditation monday

If you’re already dreading the week ahead when you wake up Monday morning, take a deep breath and find your happy place. Guided visualization is a relaxation tool used to reduce stress and provide a calming effect on the entire body. Rather than head into your week in a frazzled state, take five minutes this Monday to create a safe haven in your mind.

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Join Author/Musician Shana Smith at Decatur Healing Arts

July 7th - Shana Smith - Book Signing

Healthy Monday: Breathe!


Take some time to meditate each day. You will be glad you did!

Here are some resources to get you started:

Enjoy Meditation

Meditation 101

Yoga Journal on Meditation

Visit the Shambala Meditation Center on Church Street for a free lesson on Tuesday evenings.

Insight Timer is a FREE app that offers a timer and some guided meditations to get you started.

Healthy Monday: Try Meditation


Try some guided meditations here.

We also like the phone ap Insight Timer. This app offers guided meditations as well as a timer.